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Custom Shirt Maker Houston
  Men's Tailoring & Alteration Services  
We are best known for quality tailoring of suits, sport coats, jackets, shirts, vest and suit pants as well as our fast expert services. Men give themselves one gift and that is character . We love to make our men look better by adjusting inseams, waist, sides or restyling of any clothing in order to enhance their appearance.

Custom Suits & Shirt Maker Houston

We have tailored and altered numerous suits and shirts for many clients of every shape and size. We have experienced men and women tailors who can recommend and suggest many designs, betterment or recovery ideas on your personal & favorite clothing . Your satisfaction is our goal .

Our services include:

Jackets Slacks
  • Shorten/Lengthen sleeves
  • Make/keep working button holes
  • Sides in/out
  • Take in chest
  • Shorten length
  • Shorten shoulders
  • Taper sleeves
  • Replace lining
  • Re-cuts
  • Shorten/lower collar
  • Hem (plain/cuff)
  • Waist in/out
  • Sides in/out
  • Taper legs
  • Shorten crotch
  • Seat/legs in
  • Remove pleats
  • Re-cuts
  • Lower waist
Shirts Vest
  • Sides in
  • Shorten sleeves
  • Taper arms
  • Shorten shoulders
  • Add button down
  • Shorten length
  • Replace collar/cuff
  • Sides in
  • Shorten length
  • Lift shoulders
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